End of Year Giving

Get More Out of Giving in 2021

Tax Laws Make Year-End Giving More Beneficial

The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act includes a variety of charitable giving incentives, especially for cash donations that support the essential services of nonprofits like the Baptist Foundation.

Deduction available: A charitable deduction of up to $300 is available to those who take the standard deduction that can reduce your adjusted gross income (AGI) and taxable income.

Charitable deduction limits: Individuals who itemize deductions can deduct charitable cash donations up to 100% of their 2021 AGI, up from 60% previously.

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are back for 2021:
RMDs from traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other defined plans for individuals over age 72 were waived in 2020 but are back in 2021. Account owners over age 70 ½ can direct up to $100,000 from their IRA to charities through a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) and avoid taxable income.

Talk to your financial advisor or tax planner to see how these incentives could impact your 2021 tax liability.

And please remember Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation in your year-end financial planning. Call us at 901-227-7123 to donate by credit card, make a bequest through a will or trust, donate stock or make a gift in kind.

Give today.