Dr. Stephen Threlkeld

As far as a real-life health care heroes go, Dr. Stephen C. Threlkeld, co-Director of Infectious Disease and Infection Control at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, checks off all the boxes. He is an accomplished clinical researcher, an innovator who consistently brings new treatments and therapies to the forefront, and a compassionate physician known for his excellent care.

And if you turned on your TV, radio or laptop in the last year or so to get the latest news on the spread and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Mid-South, you probably know his face. Since the earliest days of the coronavirus crisis in February 2020, Dr. Threlkeld has been the most sought-after expert by regional governments, medical officials, and local media for accurate information. He has been a constant, calm presence on local broadcast, electronic and print media.

The truly remarkable thing about Dr. Threlkeld is that he willingly took on the role as the face and voice of the fight against COVID-19 while continuing his work as hospital administrator, clinical researcher and beloved physician.

As a result, Baptist has been the leader in the Mid-South in providing COVID-related care, information, treatment and vaccines to every community we serve, most notable the homeless and marginalized members of our society. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Baptist Foundation has played a significant part in helping Dr. Threlkeld spread his message to help keep our communities safe.