Our tiniest patients deserve our best.

By supporting the Newborn Intensive Care Unit Fund, which supports Baptist’s newborn intensive care unit, you help ensure that every child in our NICU, as well as his or her family, receives the most effective, compassionate and innovative care possible.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit Fund

Baptist has been delivering and caring for babies for more than a century. Often, babies who are born prematurely or who have complications, such as heart defects or underdeveloped lungs, need the services of our newborn intensive care unit at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women. The NICU receives an average of 700 babies a year and 65% of these babies receive Medicaid, TennCare or charity care.

Gifts to this fund go toward purchasing specialized beds and incubators, blanket warmers, commercial refrigerators and freezers for breast milk storage, and other necessary equipment and supplies that help keep our NICU on the forefront of pediatric care. This fund also provides financial resources for families in need, and supports the annual NICU reunion for patients, families and staff each October.